Savings & Investments

Whether it be wealth creation or wealth preservation, we specialise in designing individually tailored strategies for our clients.

Driven by the single-minded aim of ensuring your money always works hardest for your benefit, our approach to savings and investments is:

Contingency/Opportunity Savings

Savings held in deposit accounts that can be accessed instantly for short term expenditure or unforeseen events.

We help our clients to identify appropriate amounts to hold and advise on the best interest paying accounts in the market.

Objective Planning

Accumulating funds to meet future costs (e.g. house purchase; education fees; early retirement etc.)

Using our expertise, we help our clients identify and more importantly, quantify amounts required to reach each specific target and establish appropriate plans that are structured to achieve their goals.

General Capital Investments

These may be investments of lump sums to achieve capital growth, or for generating additional income, or simply capital preservation for the benefit of dependents.

Medical Wealthcare Planning specialise in reviewing existing investment portfolios and in the case of new investors, creating bespoke investment strategies. 

Our Service Charter

  • Completely understand your reasons for investing and your risk tolerance
  • Clearly understand your expectations and advise if they can be realised
  • Employ the most tax efficient strategies first and foremost
  • Review your investments at least once annually 

What people say about us…

  • Alan Mayor has been my financial advisor for over 10 years. He has provided a meticulous and thorough analysis of my financial situation and has given excellent advice for my ongoing and future requirements. He is friendly amiable and trustworthy and I would highly recommend him as a financial advisor
    Dr. Louca
    GP, Nottingham

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